Worth It

to the beach worth it

Prompt: Taking a leap of faith


When I was a kid, I used to write random synopses at the back of my school notebooks and create characters and storylines for each.

Nick is a lonely teenage boy abandoned by his mother. Lala decides to live with her stepmom after her Dad died because she has no choice. George is a school janitor in the morning and a student at night.

My mother never knew about it until now.


"They love it! I made it look like a book, and people want to have copies for themselves as well!” I tell her excitedly. It is my third year in college, and I am having a rough time. College is hard. Taking an Engineering course makes it even harder. But I accidentally discovered a way to fuel my passion in writing again. I made an account with a random pseudonym and wrote whatever I wanted to.  Nobody knows who I was. I would not have to care whoever would judges.

It has become an addiction, and I could not get it out of my system. It is like I found an outlet to recharge my draining batteries. Every day, after school, I am excited to go home. I am excited to finish my tasks so I could get down to my laptop and write until dawn.

Just a few days after I wrote down the outline- something I have not done in ages, it is complete. To the Beach is the first every story I was able to finish.

“Then let’s do it,” she announces.

"But I don't know how!" I contest. I don't do books. I don't even read much. Once, there was a lady who called it out and told me my writing looked messy. It is full of errors. There is no one to proofread and edit.

“We will get it printed,” she speaks, this time with finality.


I see her gently turn to the last page and shed one single tear. She finishes the book. The original. The one with one too many errors but raw nonetheless. She looks at me as if readying herself with a question. She asks me if I knew what she told my brother when he wondered why I did not just take a course related to writing instead of Engineering.

I have no clue, so I shrug. Then my mother says, “If she hadn’t taken Engineering, she wouldn’t have discovered her love for writing.”

Right at this moment, I realize, that this is worth a shot.