About Last Night

No one is blinking because both are trying to memorize each other’s faces. She has these almond eyes; most of the time looking like she is pleading or so damn close to crying. His were a bit rough, though; would never give a hint of his mood if you do not know him that much.

But she does. Kind of. Sometimes they both think they know each other so well that words need not be said. Or maybe that is just what they thought. Because even if they are staring at each other for the past 30 minutes already, one is yet to decide to talk first.

Maybe she should start. She is the one leaving after all.  But he does not realize that she is just waiting for one word to come out of his mouth.



Just one word and everything will be final.


It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. Some people say that human bodies are weakest between 3 to 4 in the morning. But he is not dying. He looks at his phone screen and checks the time. The plane must have landed already. She is there. She is finally on the other side of the world that he could not easily reach. And all he could do is live through what happened the last time she held her hands.

“Are we… are we in love with each other?” He is hopeful. Things are so confusing at the moment. He is committed, but he has to act fast. He does not know his priorities yet while she is trying to set hers. He does not want to let go. But he knows he owes her that if he is not man enough to do what his heart is telling- screaming-  him to.

She is silent. Then “Maybe we were,” she smiles sheepishly. He knows what that means.

“Yeah. Maybe,” he hesitates and looks down for a second then straight to her eyes for God knows how long.


It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. And although he feels like dying as his chest constricts with brain feeling like it is about to explode, he is alive. And for a lot of years, he will wonder what could have happened if he did something brave.

Maybe things will be different in the next five years if only he did something they both want and deserve.