The Yard Hostel Bangkok: An Oasis for Introverts (and Extroverts) in Thailand

I wasn’t exactly planning for a Thailand trip for my birthday until I came across a seat sale that I couldn’t resist. I still wasn’t in the mood for an adventure and just wanted a trip that’s laid back. So, I didn’t plan much for the five days I was going to be staying in the city.  And since that’s the case, I knew that I had to choose my accommodation well. I wanted to go to a place that’s both chill and social. I’d call myself an introvert by nature, but sometimes, especially when traveling, I tend to push shyness aside and socialize a bit more. That’s the reason why I fell in love with The Yard Hostel Bangkok. It is a social place, yes. But I can say that it’s also an introvert’s haven waiting to discovered.


When checking out hostels, the rate per night or the central location are not the only considerations you should have. You have to read the customer reviews, too. This way, you get to know what to expect during your stay. Is the building too old for you? Are the staff ridiculous when dealing with guests? Did previous guests have an excellent time or was it a boring property?

When I looked up at The Yard Hostel Bangkok, I immediately knew that it’s well-loved. It’s got high scores in booking platforms, and that’s important for me. I mean, I’m one of those people who used to think about travel accommodations as a small place to crash. But if the reviews are terrible, I’d let a cheap property go, too. But at The Yard, it’s the best of both worlds. The comments were impressive, and the price is affordable. Others even described it as a home away from home. And that’s what I needed. How could I say no to that kind of place?

Hostel Rules

I’ve read enough hostel horror stories, alright. I mean, sex in a dorm room? Urgh, I can’t even imagine the insensitivity of those who do that. That’s why the rules at The Yard impressed me. When I looked at the back door of the room, I learned that sex is strictly not allowed in the dorm rooms. Once you’re caught doing the act in one of their dorm rooms or even bathrooms, they would ask you to leave the hostel premises ASAP without a refund no matter what time it is. 

The Yard Hostel has a curfew on the family room, too. They also encourage guests to clean after their messes. I do understand that as guests, we are paying for their service.  But that doesn’t mean that we should leave our litter around the yard, right? The crew members were always on top of everything, but it definitely won’t hurt if you know to act like a well-mannered guest.

Choice of Rooms

Staying in hostels give an impression that you’d have to sleep in a room full of strangers and it would most likely creep the hell out of an introvert. It used to creep me out, too. I wasn’t very keen to the idea until I started traveling solo and realized that renting out a hotel room with no one to split the expenses with would be very unrealistic for my budget. So, I braved my fear and tried to feel comfortable. I usually like renting hostels that are capsule-like, so I can just shut myself to the world with the blackout curtains.

But at The Yard, that’s not the case. On my first three nights, I found myself in one of the mixed dorm rooms. On the first two nights, I was with two guys. It was a six- bed dorm room and all the top bunks were unoccupied. There were no blackout curtains, but it was good. Honestly, I’d only find the guys snoring in the morning when I wake up. Perks of being an early sleeper. *wink*

On my last two nights, though, I was able to transfer to private spaces. Yes, it's a thing in hostels, too. From the dorm room, I moved to the private room with a garden which was the best room in my opinion. It is, like the rest of the bed spaces, nestled in a container van, which makes my area super spacious and cool! Seriously, if you’re traveling with another person, get this room! The only downside I could think about The Yard is the squeaky sound we make while walking along the corridors. The sleeping area was a product of retired container vans after all. It's a good thing that I'm a heavy sleeper, and even while awake, it was never a problem for me at all.

On my last night, I got the private room with en-suite bathroom at the vintage house which was superbly amazing as well. I got a glimpse of how a local Thai house looks like, and it’s easy to say that it’s close to a typical Filipino house.

Staying in hostels sometimes make a trip much more exciting than staying in hotels. I am not sure if it’s because of being an introvert. But I do like finding a place where I can feel at home and undisturbed while being within an arm’s reach to other travelers. It gives me the freedom to make friends or be alone when I want to and The Yard was a perfect place for that.

Guests and Staff

In Thai, yard means relative that’s why it is how they treat each guest at The Yard, too. And true to their words, I felt instantly at home upon arriving. Somland, one of the owners, left me a note apologizing because I was going to have to stay in a mixed dorm room as other guests extended their stay. I mean, I didn’t even mind, and she's apologizing? The staff were very courteous and were very accommodating. It’s a hostel, alright. I didn’t expect anyone to guide me from the reception to my dormitory room. Do people still guide their guests in their hotel rooms these days, anyway?

The Yard Hostel Bangkok is not a party hostel, and they have made that pretty clear on their website. It’s a social hostel that brings travelers together. They won’t care about your race, culture or religion. But they’d respect you and welcome you with their arms wide open. The hostel got its rules. And I guess that it even brings together travelers who are not interested in partying. There’s a bar, yes. And the real-life yard and the family room are open to all so everyone can gather around.

At The Yard, you don’t have to walk around making friends while drinking your beer. In fact, you’d often see the guests lying on the makeshift picnic area reading a book or typing away on their laptops. There’s no pressure at all both for introverts and extroverts, but you’ll still feel how friendly everyone is.

Among the staff, Tao and Pear stuck with me the most. Pear looks like the Thai version of Zendaya. I liked that I could rely on her when I have questions like taking GrabCar in the city or asking for a photo while on the property. Meeting her and the rest of the crew drew me to a conclusion that Thai hospitality is quite the same as Filipino hospitality. They’d go out of their way to help me out, and I genuinely appreciate it.

On my last night and last room transfer, I got a note from The Yard Family greeting me a happy birthday. I think it’s so sweet that I brought it home along with the souvenir.


The Yard Hostel Bangkok meets all my needs. I don’t need much after all. Bathrooms may not be inside in most of the rooms, but each cubicle was clean. I would always find myself enjoying the heated water because it was raining most of the time during my stay. At least, I could relax my muscles at night before going to bed.

They offer breakfast from 8:00 AM-10:30 AM so even if I woke up late, I was still able to get my breakfast at the bar. They also have a shower room and laundry area where guests only have to pay 90 baht for each load. The Yard Hostel Bangkok also offers free bike rentals which you can use for grocery shopping or sightseeing. Biking is common in Thailand. Some tours are even done with bicycles so using it is just like being a true local.

What I liked the most at The Yard Hostel is that that they allow guests to take a shower even after checkout. And that’s for free! When I stayed in Oxygen Hostel in Taipei, I had to pay a couple of dollars to shower. I appreciate that’s it’s free here because it gave me a chance to refresh in the afternoon before I went to the airport to go back home. After all, Manila was only going to be a short layover because I‘d be going straight to San Jose from Don Mueang International Airport.

Even though The Yard Hostel Bangkok is not a full-service hotel, it’s got everything I needed, if not more. I didn't have to do my laundry after all. The area was polished and well kept. They even host activities like a free yoga session every Saturday which was pretty cool! I would have joined, but my flight was on a Friday night, so there was no chance for me!


The Yard Hostel Bangkok is in the Ari neighborhood. It’s a convenient five to eight-minute walk from the Ari Station. It won’t be hard to find the place for sure. Also, there’s a convenience store and a lot of eating places around the neighborhood. Indeed, it’s a beautiful place for those who want to stay central but still wish to find some peace during the night after a tour.


At The Yard, you can get a morning call service where they’d wake you up like your mom. They also give free printing services for travel documents instead of charging their clients. There are free earplugs for those who have snoring dormmates. They provide barbeque equipment and encourage their guests to host an event. And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to play with the resident cat. If the breakfast set isn’t enough for you, you can get more toast and ask for a refill of coffee or tea as well. They wouldn’t mind. Instead, they would gladly offer all the help they can give. That’s The Yard Hostel Bangkok, and heavens forbid if I missed something. But maybe I’ll be using their discount code and come back for another spontaneous vacation in Bangkok sooner than I expect? We'll see.

P.S. Tip from The Yard Hostel Bangkok crew: Don’t trust anyone in Thailand who calls you “my friend.”



The Yard Hostel Bangkok
51 Phahon Yothin 5, Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Thailand
+66 89 677 4050

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