Why Under the Stars Luxury Apartment is the Paradise in Boracay Island You Probably Did Not Know About


Let us set the record straight. I am not going to blame you if the only beaches you have visited in Boracay are White Beach, Puka Beach, or Bulabog Beach where lots of water activities take place. But you cannot blame me if I tell you that you might have missed half of your life if you have never set foot at Tambisaan Beach, either. 

Last month, I brought my father to Boracay for the weekend. While we enjoyed our first night in White Beach with thousands of other tourists, it is safe to say that we had the most peaceful 24 hours of our lives when we transferred to Under the Stars Luxury Apartment in this almost private beachfront accommodation.

Remember those smoking hot photos of Pia Wurtzbach that broke the internet this summer? They shot them here. Cool, right? But honestly, this stunning place does not need a whole list of celebrities as guests for anyone to fantasize about staying here. It has almost been a month, but I still dream about the great time I had in this paradise. Can somebody take my back here, please?

The impressive staff of Villa Caemilla (its sister hotel) drove us to Under the Stars after checkout. It was about 20 minutes away from Station 3 via E-Trike, but the journey was worth it. 

Upon arriving at the property, Bianca welcomed us warmly and guided us immediately to the apartment. Unlike in many hotels, we did not have to wait at the reception to check-in. She prepared and settled everything she needed from me in the apartment. She made sure that everything we wanted for the rest of the day until check out was taken care of adequately. Wesley, the General Manger, also took the time to visit and welcome us in the apartment shortly after Bianca. Under the Stars Luxury Apartment does not have as many staff as Villa Caemilla, but everyone I met was friendly and accommodating. Everyone was keen in helping us enjoy our short vacation. Great, right?

We had the privilege to stay in one of the humongous apartments on the 2nd floor. Our spot offered an unspoiled view of the pool, garden, beach, and even the neighboring islands. The apartment has three bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, a living room, a separate TV room and a spacious balcony for any activity.

One can even freely do yoga or any exercise between the living room and the dining area because of the wide spaces between each furniture. The fully functional kitchen has a huge refrigerator, stove, oven, freezer and coffee machine which my father (and myself included) loved so much.

The apartment is best for a large crowd since it can occupy six up to nine guests. Usually, guests cook their food because utensils, pots, and casseroles (even grill!) are available in the kitchen. But since we were only staying for a night and it was just my father and me, I opted to ask for assistance in ordering food from the outside instead. I appreciate the fact that Bianca arranged everything personally for our dinner because we did not want to leave the property anymore. My father wanted some lobster and beer, and she gladly took care of it as soon as I told her.

Since we got so tired walking along White Beach the day before and was late for our supposed massage session, I also asked Bianca to contact two massage therapists for us. Fortunately, it was even cheaper than most in-room service in White Beach! I was delighted with the service that I slept like a baby that night. 

Two of the bedrooms are identical while the master bedroom stole the whole show. If I only had my way, I would have asked my father to occupy one of the two guest rooms, so I can luxuriate in the jaw-dropping master bedroom. But hey, this trip is for him, anyway! 

The guestrooms are definitely smaller than the master, but it did its job excellently. I liked the high beds (mattress) the most because it was just perfect for our massage session.

The master bedroom, though, is straight out of a movie. It is so vast yet intimate. One of 19 artworks greeted me upon entrance. The left side is dedicated to the closet and bathroom area while the right side is all for entertainment and good night sleep.

The shower cubicle is clear glass. Not frosted at all, alright? A seamless glass also encloses the toilet and bidet. The bath tub looks elegant with another painting as its backdrop. There is a closet and sink on each side of the room.

The curtains are remote controlled as well as the television at the bottom of another high bed. Everything in this room is so damn perfect already for me until I realized that there is an extra surprise. There is a door leading to the balcony! So, if you open the curtain in the morning, you can watch the sunrise straight from your bed! If that does not sound dreamy to you, then I do not know what is!

The kitchen is awesome! Maybe if we stayed a bit longer, I could have even baked! The utensils are more than complete, and even though we had a small problem when we tried to ignite the stove the next day, the staff gladly helped us out to make it work. And like I said, we adored the coffee machine! I am not even a coffee lover. There were more fruits served for us than we could consume! Nothing better than eating some sweet mango or apples while on the beach!

We spent most of our day on the balcony. I probably left my heart there because the place is just immaculate. From there, I saw this cute golden retriever dog named Julia which is apparently Wesley’s pet. I was pretty upset that I did not get to meet her when I came down, but I learned that she is also Bianca's trusty buddy in her office. Sounds fun! Now I envy Bianca quite a bit!

From this view, we could see the oversized pool (Yep, where Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach flaunted her fit body), the beach and even the Crocodile Island.

If White Beach boasts the best sunset view on the island, it is easy to fall in love with the sunrise from our balcony. I kind of regret that I had overslept a little that I got a bit late to the party. Tell me. Is there anything more quintessential than enjoying a cup of coffee with this view? Seriously, I have been to a lot of resorts, but this is by far my favorite scenery. No kidding! How can you not love the tropical and luxurious vibe this place elicits? I do not think I will ever get tired of being here at all!

I feel like a broken record already, but I do not have the energy to care. Under the Stars Luxury Apartment truly deserves all my fangirling right now.

The beautiful artworks around the apartment have their own art lights, mind you! The place is not full of useless and random pieces but there is a total of 19 paintings hanging everywhere from the bathroom to the living area. Also, the sofas are extremely comfortable I could not pick the best place to lounge while thinking of all the reasons why I did not come to this place sooner.

Before we left, my father and I took a dip in the pool. The coconut trees provided some shade for us, so we managed to stay in the pool for an hour or so. If it were just me though, I could have stayed there forever. For the first 30 minutes, it was literally just the two us in the pool area. Another plus points for Under the Stars in my opinion. This place is heaven for introverts, too! During our time, only two apartments were occupied. The owner only has three spaces available for guests so you never really have to worry about people overcrowding the vicinity at all.

We could see locals walking along the beach or boats docking by the shore from time to time, but it is mostly exclusive to guests. There is nothing to worry about security as well because they have personnel guarding both the property entrance and beachfront. 

Seriously, I cannot think of anything wrong about this place but my imminent departure.

I cannot stress enough how Under the Stars Luxury Apartment is ideal for all kinds of travelers. Staying with families and groups of friends would be the most economical, but couples or even solo travelers are welcome to enjoy the serenity of this dreamland. I would happily stay here alone if I am a digital nomad! Well hey, that gives me an idea now, ha! 



Under the Stars Luxury Apartment

Sitio Tambisaan, Malay, Aklan, Manoc-manoc, 5608 Boracay, Philippines



(+63) 9173143212




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