Picture Perfect Places in New South Wales Aside from the Sydney Harbor


For the record, I am not- in any way- an Instagram or Photography expert. But when I visited Australia, I realized that there is so much more to New South Wales than the Sydney Opera House. Of course, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge had been icons of not just Sydney, but Australia as a whole since its construction and that makes a trip to Sydney Harbor almost mandatory to all the visitors. But I would be selfish if I will never share the other gems I have found in the state during my visit- places that you would not want to miss for the natural beauty no filter on Instagram can ever give justice. Although if you will be there just for the photos, who am I to judge?

1. Art Gallery of New South Wales

Dying to see works of Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso? You can find them all and a lot more from other respectable artists worldwide in this beautiful gallery. There are exclusive and public exhibits ongoing every day that makes each trip a little more special.

2. The Rocks

Visiting The Rocks with guides like the I'm Free Walking Tour should be a must. It is just a short distance from the breathtaking Sydney Harbor, and it is full of history- not to mention the walls and buildings made from sandstone that are just exactly what you need as a backdrop for your new profile picture.

3. Potts Point

I highly recommend Potts Point If you prefer to stay in a suburb area while in Sydney. It is a small residential area that is walking distance from Mrs. Macquarie's Point. Challis Avenue is where you can find the Simpsons Hotel- a beautiful Victorian Mansion turned into a hotel. Most passersby stop in front of the hotel to get a photo or two, especially during Sundays when people flock to the Fitzroy Gardens or just  when walking along the Darlinghurst and Victoria Roads which are just a few steps away.

4. Paddington Reservoir Gardens

My host from Potts Points gave me a doable itinerary in one day. He told me to start walking from the hotel to Mrs. Macquarie's Point, take the boat to Watsons Bay and get to the lighthouse and The Gap, hop on the Bus to Bondi Beach to take a walk then take another bus to Oxford Street where you can walk through lovely antique shops. On Saturdays, the Paddington Market is open. Just a couple of meters away from the market is the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. It is eerily beautiful. Although there are spaces which are close to the public, most of it is still accessible. I even found cosplayers shooting a video when I passed by the area during my visit.

5. St. Mary’s Cathedral

If there is one Cathedral that you would want to visit in Sydney- I think it should be St. Mary’s. It is just across Hyde Park, so it would be hard for tourists not to pay a visit. It is usually semi-closed because they hold a lot of weddings in the cathedral, but they have attentive staffs that make sure every visitor pays respect to maintain the holiness of the church.

6. State Library of New South Wales

I am in love with pretty libraries, and the State Library of New South Wales is just perfect for my liking. The Mitchell Library reading room is a vast space that is fit for studying or your much-needed alone time.

7. Queen Victoria Building

The massive statue of Queen Victoria and the dome is already eye-catching from the outside. But the interior of this elegant building is something that you just cannot ignore. Sometimes, there are short puppet shows on the topmost floor- adding charm to the quaint shops that sell almost everything from chocolates to clothes.

8. Royal Botanical Gardens

Another must stop when you go near the Sydney Opera House is the Royal Botanical Gardens which is a garden with different amenities. When I visited during winter, there was an exhibit called All About Flowers. They filled the dome with colorful and beautiful flowers and conducted sessions with kids for them to learn a lot more about nature. It is fun to see that there are still a lot of kids and parents who are willing to get engaged in this kind of activity.

9. The Grounds of Alexandria

Business Insider featured the owner of The Grounds of Alexandria once. He lost everything before creating The Grounds and boy was his story inspirational. Also, aside from the fact that The Grounds is just so pretty, they serve good food, too!

10. Bondi Beach

Nope. Do not stop at the Bondi Beach alone. I encourage you to do the Bondi- Bronte Walk from Icebergs if not the stretch from Bondi to Coogee. Others do it from Coogee to Bondi but whatever track you choose, do not forget to do the coastal walk. The Tamarama beach and the other beaches near Bondi have lesser people so you might enjoy taking a dip there instead after taking snaps at the famous Bondi beach. You can easily spend a whole day in the area and not get bored.

11. Watsons Bay

Ferry rides to Watsons Bay may not be as frequent as Manly Wharf’s or the others but sometimes, taking the path less traveled allow you to discover breathtaking places. The trek from the wharf up to the tower is not challenging. But the views overlooking the ocean and the beaches are so enjoyable that you would want to stop at almost every spot. The lighthouse is the real winner me though.

12. The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is one of the usual day trips made by tourists from Sydney. Even though others try to explore the area for three days or more, others manage to make a quick stop at the renowned Three Sisters. Just please, if you are coming from Sydney- do not sleep on the way especially when you are already near Katoomba station. The view of green trees and blue skies looks so magical and refreshing. Plus, the weather is colder here than in Sydney, so it will make your trip more fun! (You can book your Blue Mountains escapade through KKdayPH using my link. I will earn a little from it, but it will not cost you extra!)

Honestly, New South Wales has so much more to offer to all its visitors aside from what I have mentioned. A walk in the suburb can surprise you with gorgeous and exciting spots. There are a lot of day trips that you can quickly take from the city as well. It does not feel right to claim that this is the only list to refer to for New South Wales visitors so if you got any places to add to this article, let me know!