Trying out the Ruf Resto Bar

After spending about three weeks eating mostly Western food in Australia, I have been craving for something Filipino. Unlike Western and even other Asian countries, Filipinos cannot live without rice and soup. So, when I got the chance to dine in The Ruf- Ferra Hotel Boracay’s in- house resto bar- I immediately grabbed it.

We were lucky to have checked- in on a ladies night, so all the worries about picking a place where to have dinner disappeared. I got the Lemon Pepper Salmon (P 360.00) on our first night, and while it is not exactly a Filipino dish, my love for salmon just got stronger. I have never had salmon and mashed potato on a single plate, but it was surprisingly good! Just writing about it now makes my mouth water!

I am no drinker. And I do not mean to be a prude, but I honestly do not have any idea how a great ladies drink taste like, alright.  But when my friend downed three glasses of her ladies’ drink, I knew what they serve to their guests was really good. And hearing her say that it was just an affirmation. Also, I liked that the staff were attentive and would always ask if we wanted a refill or a new kind of drink once the glass was nearing empty.

On our second night, we got the chance to feast on four delicious specials of The Ruf. We had Sinuglaw (P 350.00) for starters, then Chicken Binakol (P 350.00) and Crispy Tilapia (P320.00) as our main dishes. Our rice fix was courtesy of their famous Nasi Goreng (P285.00)! Although the service time could have been better because their kitchen is downstairs, I have to say that every single dish was worth the wait.

Sinuglaw was new to my friend but not to me. Although I am not a drinker, it is safe to say that I always get a taste of this usual pulutan. I missed vinegar’s kick on rice and having it both with tuna and pork was just perfect. Their take on this dish was commendable.

I compare Binakol to the Chicken Tinola that we always have way back home. But while Chicken Tinola is best using native chicken, the Binakol that we had complimented well with the usual chicken meat found in the market. I have always been fascinated with its soup since it uses coconut meat and juice. So, I did not waste my chance on having a hearty soup based dish after weeks of missing it. And surprisingly, the soup blended well with a flavored rice.

Now, Crispy Tilapia was what I liked among the viands.  I have never had tilapia this way, and I think it was a great twist on my favorite dish. It could be a bit crispier, but the blend of tilapia and tomato and mango was really interesting. They served it burger-style, but I think it paired the best with our rice.      

I guess the star of the meal was the Nasi Goreng. When I stumbled upon The Ruf’s Tripadvisor page, I found out how famous their Nasi Goreng is among its guestsnd. I guess it is worth the hype because it was excellent. In fact, I feel like I could just order it without any viand at all and I will still be satisfied!

The menu of The Ruf is pretty diverse. They have a selection of seafood which is a must in a restaurant in Boracay. There are also Western inspired starters, mains, desserts, so guests can easily cater to their different cravings. I also have to say that compared to most restaurants on the island, their servings are more worth it. The prices are relatively cheap as well. No wonder the overall rating of the restaurant is pretty high.

The Ruf opens at 5:30 every afternoon- just in time to catch the sunset and chill after a day of island hopping or water activities. When we were there, it was quiet and relaxing, just perfect to de-stress our minds from the typical vibe of White Beach. If ever I come back to Boracay, I will be sure to make a quick stop at this restaurant bar for sure!



The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

Sitio Bulabog, Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines

(+63) 36-2881177 to 79




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