The Capsule Hotel Makes it to The Land Down Under

I impulsively booked my ticket to Australia for my birthday trip because I knew I had to take advantage of the seat sale. I mean, P12,000.00 for a roundtrip ticket with 20 kg luggage both ways? Who can say no to that? But when I started planning for the trip itself especially for the place to stay at during the nights, I found out that Japan’s popular capsule hotel concept- which is my favorite when traveling solo- still has not taken Australia’s hostel situation by storm.

I was so close to giving up when I stumbled upon The Capsule Hotel- a new place along George Street in Sydney CBD- that made my Japan dreams (no pun intended) come true.

The Capsule Hotel is the first ever capsule hotel in Australia. It just opened this year, and I can say that it is already making itself known. During my two- night stay in this cool place, all three floors were almost sold out. But I was not surprised because although the concept is pretty new in the country, I am sure that it is not entirely alien to travelers.

Not only that! During my stay, I spotted at least three businessmen staying in the hotel with us. It makes a lot of sense because not everyone would like to spend 200 AUD for a bed and a shower, especially when traveling or on a business trip.

The Capsule Experience

Entering the room was like being transported into another dimension. The space travel theme of the capsules neatly stacked in bunk bed style is absolutely awesome. Photos are a must for unique places like this, right?

The inside of my private space was undeniably Instragrammable. Seriously, with this light? Try scrolling through #thecapsulehotel or the location on Instagram, and you will see fine photos. The pod is well lit, and by well-lit, I mean that apart from the cabin light, there is also mirror light with adjustable brightness! Selfie, anyone?

There is a smart television for each bed so aside from watching my favorite channels; I could even browse Youtube videos or spend hours scrolling through my Facebook feed. Somehow, it got me thinking that the services and facilities of this boutique hotel even surpass hotels with private rooms.

The right side of the capsule is where most of the magic happens. Aside from the impressive mirror, it holds a lot of features of the pod. There are two headphone jacks, so I did not have to bother anyone else when I wanted music until midnight. There is also one outlet and two USB integrated socket outlets. It is a great help that I did not need to wake up in the middle of the night just to change the gadget I was charging because I could do it simultaneously.

In shared accommodation, I always hesitate in setting up my alarm clock in fear of waking others up, but each capsule in this hotel has an alarm clock, so I felt relieved about using it. Did I mention that the panel even displays the date and temperature? Sugoi!

When I posted a photo of my capsule on Instagram, a friend asked if it triggers claustrophobia. I do not have claustrophobia, but I remember my first time in a capsule- like space in a hostel; I felt a bit weird as the air was not circulating properly in the cabin. But for those who are claustrophobic, fret no more because the pod has control of the air outlet. It works like a fan, and it sucks fresh air from the outside of the capsule, so I was able to lock the door (Yes, there is also a door lock button) when I wanted total privacy! This only means that nearly everyone can actually enjoy this cool experience!

If anything happens while anyone is inside, there is also an emergency button apart from the flame fighter! I love the fact that they go the extra mile to make every guest feel safe, secure, and ready. There is also a small safe inside the pod that I used to store my jewelry during the night while asleep.

Just when I thought that the pod was complete already, I saw that there was even a foldable tray for when I wanted to have my meals inside or just had to do something that required a bigger flat surface.

There are three kinds of bed spaces to choose from in this place- the single bed front entrance, single bed side entrance, and the double bed. For solo travelers like me, I recommend getting the single bed side entrance capsule the most because of course, there will be more space to move when the door is open. I stayed in the upper bunk but just like in any bunk beds, bottom bunk is the best spot for me, and I guess, for most people as well.

Only bed sizes and entrances vary, but every feature found in the double bed or side entrance single bed is also present in a front entrance single bed. It creaks a bit, but there is nothing to worry about because it is designed to hold even two people. Apparently, there are also double beds on the upper bunks!

The toilet and bath are unisex in our floor. I was about to contest, but then I realized upon entering the room, that cubicles do not separate the shower area or toilets from one another. Each toilet or bathroom is a whole room used individually! It is clean and well- maintained so I had no issues with it. At the end of the day, the bed and the bathroom are always my main concerns when it comes to renting out a place to crash in during my travels.

The lounge and kitchen spaces are not just functional but pretty as well. They have utensils and essential kitchen tools used for preparing meals. We bought cooked meals from the outside though, so we did not have to use anything from the kitchen aside from the glass for water.  But it is important to note that they even have a dishwasher and microwave oven! That is all I need, to be honest! 

The hotel may be sharing the building with The Century Bar, but they still have made a small space for smokers. It was neat and cozy if you ask me. I just did not spend a lot of time there since I do not smoke.

I tried out The Capsule Hotel because it has everything I look for when scouting for a temporary shelter during my trips. It is cheap (I cannot highlight this enough because Australia is expensive!). It is in a central location (I could easily walk to Town Hall Station. It is atop The Century Bar, and there is a supermarket across the street). It is new (Hey, it just opened this year!). Its interior is beautiful and most importantly- it offers more privacy than most shared accommodations.

This place may be a new concept in Australian hotels, but I bet it only needs a few more months before I see it expanding and opening new branches all over the country. The Capsule Hotel does not only scream solution to anyone's much- needed privacy while trying to save money on accommodation, but it also offers an unforgettable experience to all kinds of guests. After all, we surely do not want our adventures to stop when we rest on our hotel beds at night, do we?



The Capsule Hotel

Level 3, 640 George Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

(02) 8957 7763




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