How to go to the Famous COEX Mall's Starfield Library in Gangnam, Seoul


South Korea, particularly Seoul, is a hot destination for Filipinos nowadays. Aside from shopping for skincare and day trips to KDrama locations, you can also find a lot of Instagrammable places here. Speaking of Instagrammable places, foreigners and locals alike flock to Starfield COEX Mall in Gangnam these days. And that’s not just because of COEX Aquarium and SMTOWN@coexartium. You can find the Starfield Library here as well.

 What is the Starfield Library? 

The Starfield Library is a permanent public library inside the Starfield COEX Mall in Seoul. It is home to more than 50,000 books and magazines adorning the 13-meter tall giant bookshelf.

 The two-story library has physical and digital copies of books and magazines. It has over 600 local and international magazine titles, making up Korea’s most extensive collection of the material.

Apart from the Starfield Library’s book and magazine collection, there are also ample seating spaces for those who want to study and research. Starfield Library also has an updated e-book system that’s not just useful to locals but tourists as well. There are also monthly cultural events and performances in the library.

Why is the Starfield Library so famous?

Starfield library has caught the attention even more of tourists because of its refreshing design. In the morning, the natural light from the outside helps in lighting the library. Some of the books installed also have quirky paintings. It reminds me of the art installation also made of books in Fully Booked’s BGC branch in Taguig, Philippines.

Visitors may access the second level of the library with the escalators which also add emphasis to the floor to ceiling bookshelf lined with thousands of books. It looked traditional with the wooden shelves yet modern because of the automated technology.

It’s a bonus that the Starfield Library is inside a mall and just a few steps away from cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores. You can stay here all day after taking a bunch of photos which is impossible to resist. It’s just such a shame that there are not as many English books for foreigners.

Starfield Library is such a cozy place to stay. If it weren’t too far from my accommodation, I would drop by here with my book every day of my stay in Seoul. But I found myself too many times in Myeongdong Shopping Street instead. Shame. *wink*

Where is the Starfield Library and how do you get there?

The most convenient way to reach the Starfield library is by taking the subway. You can get off at Samseong Station and take exit six. The subway exit will direct you to the Starfield COEX Mall.

There will be clear and visible signs that would lead you straight up to the first floor of the library. Don’t make the same mistake that I did in taking the stairs to leave the station. The subway is connected to the COEX mall!

So, do you want to have the same photo that’s been making its rounds online? I can’t blame you if you're going to join the bandwagon. I also went to the same place to admire the Starfield Library personally. And being a book lover myself, I am obsessed with pretty libraries.  Starfield Library, like many others, is such a beautiful place to visit. I was so excited about it that it was my first order of business after checking in at my accommodation!

Are you a booklover? Do you fall in love with pretty libraries anywhere in the world? If you are coming to Seoul soon, save this post for an extraordinary visit at Starfield Library in Gangnam. #travelblogger #starfieldlibrary #seoulkorea #thingstodoinseoul #booklover