Base Your Siem Reap Adventure at Tonle Tropic Boutique Hotel


Tonle Tropic Boutique Hotel is a quiet hotel with 14 sophisticated rooms. With its Modern Asian Architecture designed by its architect- engineer owner, every guest will undoubtedly enjoy this modest place in all its glory. We spent three nights at this lovely boutique hotel and relished the feeling of intimacy it elicits.

The Site

It is located along Siem Reap River which makes it a great home base for anyone staying in the area. Pub Street, Temple Coffee and Bakery and Wat Preah Prom Rath are all within walking distance, but tuk-tuk drivers are also available whenever you need them. One can also conveniently walk around the area to find the Angkor National Museum, T Galleria, and the Royal Residence.

The Hotel

We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon, and the staff promptly served us with cold towels and orange juice. Ariel, the General Manager who is also a Filipino, was there and he toured us around the place. The hotel may be small, but it is nothing short of perfect for a quick getaway for slow travelers like us. A gem in Siem Reap, all we can hear in the lobby was the waterfall installment by the pool. Plants and benches surrounded us, and it honestly felt like we were in an oasis. Having breakfast by the pool the next day was perfect.

During the night, the hallways and stairs are well lit, and they make excellent backdrops for photos. The accents of the interior are also sights to see. The common area is spacious, and the lights in the evening are warm. I loved the spiral staircase from the first floor to the second floor as well as the chandelier they used to make it more appealing.

The Room

We stayed in the Premium Twin Room, but they added an extra bed in the middle to accommodate all three of us. I loved the open style of the closet because it lets the clothes breathe should we have swum or soaked ourselves in the rain. During this time of the year, the weather in Siem Reap is pretty unpredictable. It could be scorching hot in the morning and damp at night.

The little plastic champagne bottles used for the toiletries were so cute as well. The bathroom is spacious, and the wooden planks on the shower give off more resort vibes. It is great that they placed the sink outside the bathroom to save more space. At the same time, it allows more people to do their business simultaneously- whether they need to take a bath or just wash their faces.

The Pool

Tonle Tropic Boutique hotel has a small yet inviting pool. I could not help but take a dip on the last day just to relax and unwind after filling myself with their sumptuous breakfast. It has a waterfall installation that makes it even more unique and captivating.  

The Food

Every room booking in this boutique hotel comes with inclusive breakfast and morning drinks per guest. They have a great selection of both Western and Khmer Cuisine. The serving is big and filling that we could stand not having lunch for the day. They are also generous in serving fruits after the main course.

The Team

The manager and staff treated us kindly during our whole stay. They would always stand up and welcome us when they see guests coming in. They would even send us off and wish us well when we leave the hotel. They do not have in- house services for the tours, but they have contact, and they also arranged drivers for us without a fee. We had a contact once, and they called him to pick us up at the hotel as well. You can expect top class service from their staff. 

It was raining on the last night of our stay, and we decided not to go out of the hotel anymore. Ariel happily helped us in contacting the Filipino Restaurant he knew to satisfy our craving. That is what I like the most about this hotel, more than the bed and facilities; their service is high- end. Everyone would go out of their way just to make their guests feel contented. It is easy to find hotels with a beautiful interior, quaint pool, or more expensive rooms, but if the service is not competitive, they simply cannot compare to Tonle Tropic Boutique Hotel.


Tonle Tropic Boutique Hotel has everything every traveler needs: great location, tasty food, necessary facilities and spacious rooms. Everyone in the crew are commendable. Even the housekeeping staff would greet you good morning! They offer either pick up or drop off at the airport so it would not be a waste of money to book in this hotel. After all, don't we want our vacations to be stress- free? This boutique hotel can give you the perfect holiday you need at any time of the year.



Tonle Tropic Boutique Hotel

0019, River Road, Slorkram Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia

+855 063 968 485




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