Treat Yourself in Santa Clara Cambodia


With hundreds of accommodations available for booking in Siem Reap, why would you choose Santa Clara Cambodia? That might be your question. But my question for is: why not? Santa Clara Cambodia is perfect! I spent a night to remember in this beautiful place, and I cannot stress enough how much I want to come back here again. Seriously, Santa Clara will not be hailed as the Luxury Family Friendly Hotel of the Year in Cambodia for nothing, right?

The Area

When the Tuk Tuk driver drove us to Santa Clara, I honestly thought we were getting lost. For the first time since we arrived, we were able to take a glimpse of the residential areas in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Located at the back of an old house, this Villa is unassuming from the outside, but you will be slowly introduced to tranquility once you pass the gravel walkway. This boutique hotel is far enough from the busy streets of Siem Reap, making the whole place serene especially during the night. But it is an advantage that hotels have contacts with Tuk Tuk drivers in the vicinity because getting around town will never be an issue at any time of the day.

The Villa

We were relatively late in checking in, but the friendly staff of Santa Clara warmly welcomed us nonetheless. I loved everything about the who place from the get go. It is quiet, the interior is gorgeous, and the members of the staff are accommodating. After checking us in, they guided us to the bar where they served their thirst quenching lime juice and cold towel. To save time, we ordered for our dinner and enjoyed our drinks inside our room while they prepared the food.

Missing the cabinet of books on the way upstairs was hard. So it got me pretty excited when I saw several titles! The lights they used in the building are yellow and warm, but they are very clear at the same time. There is also a water dispenser in every hall that guests can use anytime. No limit and no hassle for everyone. Great!

The Bed and Bathroom

High beds have always been my favorite, so Santa Clara won my heart already when I entered the bedroom. They maximized every single space, and I loved the fact that even though the room is Premium Twin, they are using queen beds. The room is minimalist yet grand in its own way.

But I must admit, the highlight of our room is the bathroom. It is so huge it (literally) took the same space as the bedroom. It will not be an exaggeration to say that another bed can be placed inside it to accommodate more people. The rain shower is quintessential in the middle of the sunken area for taking a bath.

Cute little jars hold the liquid soap (which is incredibly fragrant), shampoo, and conditioners. Unlike many other hotels, Santa Clara is more inclined in being eco- friendly. In the whole area, you cannot see a single plastic bag. Laundry items are placed in cloth bags while toiletries are in jars and rattan containers.

Even the bottles of water are made of glass as well. And hey, this is not exactly eco- related, but one of the best part of their minibar? The French Press Coffee Maker! Plus they have liquid milk! Isn't it all kinds of awesome? Santa Clara surely knows how to stand out.

The Restaurant

The receptionist called us in to come down and devour what they prepared for dinner. We had Fish Amok, Fish Curry and Fried Pork with Eggplant and Jasmine Rice. Cambodian dishes are a bit similar to Filipino food, so it tasted like home. The serving was big for the three of us, but we were able to finish everything because they are that good! I think we made the right decision in reserving local cuisine taste test in this hotel than having it elsewhere.

The Pool

The pool was supposed to close at 9 PM because the lights illuminating the waters would automatically close at that time. But since we arrived late, they gave us enough time to enjoy it until 930 PM.

We had cocktails by the pool and enjoyed a night dip in the salt water. It was a good combination for more exercise (apart from tiring our legs on tours) and relaxation.

I remember comfortably floating in the pool while watching the stars in the sky. Pure perfection. Leslie, the director, said that their staff make great cocktails and real enough, they did not disappoint. The drinks are worth every dollar.

The next morning, we woke up earlier than usual to swim again and found out that as early as 7 AM, they have all the benches styled with hats and bath towels already.

The Books

Of course, I need to highlight the books in this post! I was so happy to discover the books by the veranda. They immediately prove my point in staying in Santa Clara Cambodia to just relax and unwind. Siem Reap seems to have an endless lineup of temples that tend to tire yourself out, so it is just right to treat yourself at least a day or two of lounging by the pool and reading a book. And have I told you that they even have board games and playing cards? Amazing, right? Complete with the restaurant and bar, do you really need to go outside? I bet not!

I picked the book How Not to Travel the World by Lauren Juliff, and it is such a shame that I could not finish it in one go, so I am going to have to look for it at home.

The Crew

We may have arrived late in the evening, but the team of Santa Clara Cambodia was happy to serve us and assist us with all our needs and requests. While enjoying our drinks, Leslie, the Managing Director, took his time to chat with us. He spent a few good minutes with us and wished to enjoy our stay. We were also able to meet his wife, Mary, and they both gave us tips regarding the places that we wanted to visit. We appreciate that a lot because this trip was so unexpected we did not have the time to research about the places we wanted to see fully.

Almost everyone sent us off when we left. Even the kitchen staff waited for us to leave! I love the hospitality of the whole Santa Clara staff. It is also where we met Mr. Sok, the kindest Tuk Tuk driver we had during our entire stay in Siem Reap. He was so sweet that he even gave us a discount on his tour offer!


 One night is not enough; I must say, to stay in Santa Clara. It is the right place to recharge and chill with your friends and family. I have one problem with this hotel, though. Everything about it makes it hard for you to leave. The bed, the bathroom, the pool, the food, and the people; Mary, Leslie, and the whole team are definitely keeping up the good work. I highly recommend this place to all kinds of travelers.



Santa Clara Cambodia Boutique Hotel

105 River Road West, Siem Reap, Cambodia

+855 (0)63 765 801




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