Light Traveler Must-Haves for a Perfect Summer Trip in Bali


Bali is one of the go-to destinations for beach and nature lovers during summer time. There’s plenty of beaches, affordable villas, and scenic spots in the island. No wonder why a lot of tourists, no matter what their race is, visit the island for three days up to three months if not more.  But the question is: can backpackers survive a week in Bali without any carry- on luggage? When I went to Bali last month, I only had one carry- on luggage aside from my small personal bag.  And I’m happy to report that I pulled it off and was able to bring all my essentials with me. That’s why I’m sharing with you what I think are the light traveler must-haves for a perfect summer trip in Bali.

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1. Cabin Approved Bag

The biggest secret about being able to travel light anywhere is to have a reliable bag like Cabin Zero. I own a 44-liter Cabin Zero bag. It is more than enough to carry the usual seven kilograms of baggage weight allowance for hand carry. It's also cabin approved, so I had no worries about using it as my carry- on bag during my travels.

When traveling light, it’s essential that your bag can carry everything you need. You don’t want to take three items at a time, do you? What’s the point of traveling light if you have to split your stuff? After all, you don’t want any unnecessary bag weight to take away your luggage allowance. I sure don’t.

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2. Packing Cubes

Light travelers swear by rolling instead of merely folding clothes and so do I. But aside from that, using packing cubes has also been a lifesaver for me. With my Paccube packing cubes, I was able to squeeze in a lot of items per pouch because it has sturdy zippers. Using packing cubes also allowed me to separate my clothes depending on how I liked it. I have written one entire article discussing the benefits of using a packing cube in this post.

3. Foldable Bags

I love bringing empty foldable bags with me. Once, my sister and I visited Japan together and shopped for the whole family. But we didn’t get to bring enough bags. So, in the end, we had to look for the cheapest luggage available. Carrying foldable bags during your travels isn’t just for your unplanned shopping. You can also use them during beach hopping days. That way, you won’t have to carry your 44-liter bag with you all the time.

4. Travel Sized Toiletries

Whether I am traveling light or with full baggage, I bring travel-sized toiletries. I always estimate how much shampoo or conditioner I might need for however long I’ll be away from home. I hate paying for unnecessary weight on my luggage after all. If I’m lucky, I’d be finishing the whole bottle and won’t even have to bring an empty one back home anymore.

5. One- Piece Swimsuits

One- piece swimsuits are one of the light traveler must-haves for a Bali trip. You can conveniently wear one beneath a skirt or pants. I saved myself from bringing another piece of clothing by wearing my swimsuits and pairing it with skirts or shorts. No additional top needed. I just took off my skirt whenever it’s time for swimming. When you find a great design that can go well with your skirt, it’s better to use your suit as a top. It won’t just save you space. You will lessen your laundry, too.

6. Kimono Style Cover-Ups

Using kimono style cover up during my Bali trip was a great way to save space in my bag, too. It’s flexible, so I didn't just use it by the beach or pool. I was able to use my cover up with shorts, pants, and even a skirt. Bali, when summer, is scorching hot. So, even though I wanted to survive with my strapped top, I needed to protect my skin from the direct heat of the sun as well. It’s also a must-have when entering temples.

7. Sarong

Aside from checking if you have your period during your temple visit, it’s also essential to bring sarong with you. Everyone who wishes to enter the temples in Bali needs to cover their knees so a sarong would come in handy. I didn’t want to spend extra rupiah on renting one, so I took mine with me. But the good thing is that I was able to use it on the beach as well as inside the plane where it could get cold.

8. Flip Flops

Flip-flops aren’t just for a trip to the beach or any outdoor activity. I use it whenever I am taking a shower in hotels as well. Most hotels and villas in Bali have slippers for guests. But using my own gives me the sense of familiarity, so I like bringing them with me whether or not I’m visiting a beach during a trip.

9. Travel Wallet

Wherever I went, be it a café in the middle of rice fields or the beach, I always brought my passport with me. I was a foreigner in Bali after all. I can’t just bring my money and leave the rest, so I found it useful to have a travel wallet. With my travel wallet from ANMA lifestyle, I was able to carry my phone, passport, hotel keys, money, and even my comb. It’s stylish and perfect to any of my outfit in Bali.

10. Passport and Bag Covers

Of course, I needed to protect my passport and bag. That’s all that I have with me after all. I want my passport to be in its best condition all the time, so I don’t take its passport cover off unless necessary. When we explored Bali, we had to transfer via boat. So, I was so happy that I brought my Wanderskye bag cover with me because it helped my bag stay clean.

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Overall, the secret to identifying if your items are light traveler must-haves is if it allows you to save space and if you can use it at least twice. From bags to your clothes; every single thing that you’re going to bring in your weeklong trip in Bali should be carefully thought out. After all, we don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics just to fit everything, right? You are still free to take your beach hats with you as long as it won’t be hard to bring along. Your favorite summer wear doesn’t have to be left at home as long as you will roll it and not just fold. Being a light traveler takes skill, but you can get the hang of it.

Do you think I missed some of your light traveler must-haves in this post? Let me know!



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