[Blog Anniversary Giveaway] Taiwan Trip Essentials as Her Brave Soul Turns Two


What’s up, Brave Souls? It’s the time of the year again! We're celebrating this blog’s 2nd anniversary. Who would’ve thought that this space wouldn’t go abandoned? Up to this day, I still believe that putting this journal up on the web is one of the bravest things I’ve done in my life.

And what else, aside from that, you may ask? I say traveling alone! Months before I’ve officially started blogging, I experienced my first solo travel in Taiwan. And so, I thought, why not make this year’s giveaway about a solo trip to this fabulous country? Taiwan is also where I realized the dangers of being a solo introverted traveler. And even if booking my flight to Taipei was just a matter of what was on sale, I won’t get tired of saying that it’s been a perfect destination for a solo traveler like me.

For this celebration, I have partnered with excellent brands, and we’re giving away pretty cool prizes: one set of packing cubes and a toiletry bag from Paccube, a day tour in Hualien from KKday, 3D2N accommodation in Wow Youth Hostel Hualien, and 3D2N accommodation in Beimen Wow Poshtel. Amazing, right? That's almost P10,000.00 worth of prizes!

We’re living up to the Brave Soul idea here. That’s why we’re giving all these to ONE and only one brave soul who’s up for traveling to Taiwan this coming January- February 2019.


Before you decide to join this contest, make sure that you fit in all the descriptions below:

1.    Must be 21 years old and above

2.    Filipino Citizen, passport holder, and currently residing in the Philippines

3.    Will be able to travel and book own flight between January- February 2019

4.    Has public Facebook and Instagram accounts

5.    Interested in making friends by joining shared tours and staying in shared accommodations

No worries? Keep reading!

Winning Prizes

From Paccube

1. One set of packing cubes

2. One toiletry bag

I have been traveling with Paccube items for almost a year now, and I can’t believe how much it has helped me become more organized with my travel items. I can’t imagine traveling (light or with luggage) without it, so I’m spreading the word!

From KKday

1. One Day Tour in Hualien

Inclusions:  (a) Fuel, tolls and parking fees

                       (b) Medical Insurance (up to ~$6,000.00 USD)

                       (c) Liability Insurance (up to ~$60,000.00 USD)

                       (d) Transportation

                       (e) Tour guide

                       (f) Lunch

Day tour in Hualien was also the highlight of my trip when I visited in Taiwan in 2016. I’ve also experienced tours with KKday already, and they’ve always provided me with fun and safe travels. KKday doesn’t just offer tour activities but other essentials like SIM card or airport transfer as well as tickets and other discounted deals! And, have I mentioned that KKday is a Taiwan based company? Now you know where to find the best deals to improve your Taiwan experience!

From Wow Youth Hostel Hualien

1. One bed space for 3D2N in Wow Youth Hostel Hualien (same gender dormitory)

Inclusion: Complimentary breakfast

Wow Youth Hostel is where I stayed in Hualien, and the place is chic and clean. It’s only a few steps away from Hualien station, too! I wrote a short independent review from my 2016 experience here.

From Beimen Wow Poshtel

1.    One single bed space for 3D2N in Wow Youth Hostel Hualien (same gender dormitory)

Inclusion: Complimentary breakfast

Beimen Wow Poshtel is from the same company of Wow Youth Hostel Hualien. Need I say more? You’re looking at the same level of high-end Poshtel service here!

So, what do you think? Isn’t all these awesome? Honestly, you only need to book a ticket to Taiwan, and you’ll be all set! I definitely won’t partner up with these guys if I can’t vouch for them. And I am so happy that we’ll all be bridges to provide you with thrilling solo travel to Taiwan next year!

Now, here’s what you’ve got to do to win these fantastic prizes. Please read each item carefully and make sure that you understand them. Confused? Let me know so we can address any issue adequately! Don’t miss a thing or you might lose your chance of winning! And once again, ensure that your activities are public, so I can check if you’ve correctly followed and shared everything that you need to.


1. Like and share the following Facebook Pages: Her Brave Soul, KKday, Paccube, Wow Youth Hostel Hualien and Beimen Wow Poshtel.

2. Follow @herbravesoul, @kkdayph, @paccube, @hualienwow, and @beimenwowposhtel on Instagram.

3. Answer these questions in the comment section below:

    (a) What is the bravest thing that you’ve done so far?

    (b) Why do you think you deserve this travel experience?

    (c) What are you looking forward the most in your trip to Taiwan?

4. Share this blog post on Facebook using ALL your answers in number 3 as your caption and tag Her Brave Soul, KKday, Paccube, Wow Youth Hostel Hualien and Beimen Wow Poshtel Facebook Pages.

5. Wait for your comment here to be approved and displayed and reply with the link of your public Facebook post.

6. Let your friends and family know and support your entries on both (Facebook and Her Brave Soul) platforms. More likes on your Facebook post and comments in this blog post, more chances of winning!

7. Make sure that you’ve followed all the instructions correctly. Don’t forget to interact with our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as other blog posts on this website!

8. Deadline of completed entries will be on December 25, 2018.

9. Wait until December 30, 2018, 8:00 PM (GMT +8) for the Facebook and Instagram announcement of our handpicked winner. This blog post will also be edited.

So, do you think you’re brave enough to go on a solo journey to kickstart your 2019 travels? Are you interested in exploring Taiwan on your own? Challenge yourself and take advantage of this giveaway. Who knows? You might also fall in love with solo traveling as I did after my 2016 trip! Non- first-timers are also welcome, of course! All we need is one brave soul!

 Good luck and send away your entries, I’ll be waiting!

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