How to Go to Haneul Park (Sky Park) in Seoul, South Korea by Subway


Visiting South Korea means that you get easy access to a lot of beautiful parks and gardens. Some need entrance fees while others accept visitors for free. Some of the country’s natural wonders require a long journey from Seoul, like the famous Nami Island in Gapyeong County. But during my visit, I got interested in this place called Haneul Park (Sky Park) near the World Cup Stadium Station. And it turns out that there’s a rising number of visitors in the area as well. So, I’ll be sharing the directions on how to go to Haneul Park if you’re using the subway.

What’s so interesting about Haneul Park? 

Haneul Park is a vast park located in Seoul, South Korea. It was once a landfill area. But it was converted into a park through the Landfill Recovery Project which started in 1996. Haneul Park is one of the five large parks in the World Cup Park. It’s easily the most popular among the five. Also, it is at the highest part of the World Cup Park which offers tourists a breathtaking view of Seoul.

When I visited Haneul Park from Chungmuro Station, I took the subway. If you're not yet familiar with the subway system and map of Seoul, you may download Kakao Metro. Having either Google Maps or is also an excellent supplementary to help you plan your trip.

How to Go to Haneul Park? 

Going to Haneul Park is quite easy, but I must admit that I got pretty lost at first. (Actually, I was with another Filipina that I met at the hostel. But I also missed her in the park! If ever you're reading this, sorry! I hope everything went fine!)

From wherever you are in the city, you have to take the subway to get off at the World Cup Stadium Station and leave via Exit 1. Exiting through this point is very crucial because the other exits will lead you somewhere else and it might confuse you.

We exited on the wrong exit at first so we had to reenter and use our cards again before we could leave the station via Exit 1. When you reach the top of the exit, you might get distracted, especially if you're coming during autumn.

On the left side is a path of pretty trees that turn into orange in the fall. It's okay to take your time in taking photos in this area, but don’t forget that you need to turn right from the top of the escalator to reach Haneul Park. You should also be able to pass by the supermarket as you go your way.

Staying to your right, go around the stadium until you find the four-way crossing. Cross the street and walk until you reach the hillside.

At the foot of the hill, you will see a small booth and a line of electric trams that will take you to the park itself. You can buy here the tickets for the car to get you to the top of the hill.

How much do I have to spend to visit Haneul Park?

The return trip costs 3,000 KRW while single ride costs 2,000 KRW. I only bought the single ride ticket because I planned to walk down the path when I went home. I also didn’t want to do 291 steps because of my knee problem, so I took the short ride uphill. Others saved the fare money and took the stairs up to the park itself.

Haneul Park admission is free. So, mostly, you only have to pay for your fare if you want to visit.

What’s in Haneul Park?

If you browse through the #HaneulPark tags on Instagram, especially during fall, you’ll see a bunch of photos taken with the silver grass. The silver grass is usually in bloom during October. So, the Annual Silver Grass festival happens during this time of the year.

Haneul Park is a perfect place for photographers and nature lovers. The view deck is ideal for admiring the beauty of Seoul during the day while enjoying coffee from the cafe.

There is a disabled parking and accessible restrooms at Haneul Park. For those who want to stay for more than a few hours, restrooms and a convenience store are also available.

Haneul Park opens daily from 8.30 AM until 6 PM except during the Annual Silvergass Festival when they are open until evening.

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