Finding a Second Home in one of the World's Most Famous Islands — Boracay


After my weeklong trip to Bali, Indonesia, I only stopped in Manila for a night before leaving again for Boracay. The island was about to close on April 26, 2018, and we’re a little lucky to have been able to spend the last weekend there before its closure. I brought my family with me, and we stayed at Ferra Hotel Boracay. My father and I got the suite room which I liked because the last time I was here, my friend and I stayed in one of their loft rooms. Honestly, I didn’t expect to visit Boracay three times within twelve months, but I’m not complaining. It’s one of the world’s most famous islands, and I think I just found my second home at Ferra Hotel Boracay so what's not to love about going back?

Welcome drinks

Since we’re only bound to stay for two nights, I booked the earlier flight we could get. Check-in time usually starts at 2 PM, but we arrived at the hotel a little past 8:30 AM. Nevertheless, the receptionists were happy to accommodate us even it’s still early in the morning. Check-in was a breeze, and they immediately served us the welcome drinks. I loved the Calamansi juice because it reminded me of that perfect but unknown welcome drink I had in Santa Clara Boutique Hotel in Cambodia


We’re late to start with the island-hopping tour but still early for other activities in the island. So, while waiting for our room, all five of us were allowed to have breakfast. The breakfast spread was simple, but they were scrumptious. Even though I was still abstaining from meat and pork, I was able to find my perfect dishes from their spread to fill my ever-hungry morning stomach. They have a lot of choices from soup, waffles, meat, rice, and noodles to cater all your morning cravings. They cook eggs by request as well. But of course, they also have salad and fruits as healthier breakfast options. 

Customer service

I love that the staff of Ferra Hotel Boracay were always on top of their guests. They don’t just stand at the entryway but also try to help each guest with what they can do. When you come across with them, they’d greet you with all smiles. My family noticed this, too. And I’m sure you will, also, when you stay at the property. 

Early check-in

After we had our breakfast, we only had to wait for a while. After just a few moments, they were able to give us one of the two rooms we’ll be accommodating during the weekend. I was so happy because we were able to get some shut-eye before lunchtime. Just what we needed! We had to wake up very early for the flight after all. That’s why when they knocked on my door at about 12 PM, I already had enough energy to transfer to the suite. 

Suite room

The suite room that we got this time had two double beds. There was a separate bedroom that would also lead to the bathroom. The other side of the room was the space for the living and dining areas as well as the kitchenette. There was a lot of space to move around, and there’s even a rack where we could hang our clothes. It’s not that much different from the loft area that I was able to stay during my first time here. The beds and lines were still soft and clean.  The sofa in the living area could pass as another bed because it was so huge and comfortable. In fact, that’s where my sister had her massage session during our last night!

It was such a hot afternoon in Boracay during our first day that after we had lunch, we immediately went back to the hotel to rest some more. And as I always do when I’m in the island, I requested for massage therapists for the five of us for our last night. In the beginning, I was telling them about the price that I soon realized was a rate in Manila. But I appreciate that they still checked if they could find therapists offering the same rate in Boracay before getting back to me. They also took care of my request for the therapists to arrive on time, unlike the last time when I had to wait for more than two hours. Although it was entirely out of their control since it wasn’t an in-house service, they would still update me whenever they got news. 

Ferra Hotel Boracay Family

The crew members were charming. When we had an internet problem, incomplete towels, and a request for the second round of sweeping, they happily obliged. A lot of names stuck with me during my stay, too. Dyosa was the one who checked us in and made sure that we’ll get a room ASAP. Gail helped us with booking the massage therapists and our island hopping tour. Siomai, one of Tiffany’s assistants, was very lovely and eloquent. She remembered and spoke to us with our names and not just with ma’am or sir. Even the company driver, Nelson, who we hired to send us to the jetty port was a good fellow, too. He helped us get our tickets before leaving the terminal, and he made sure that we’d be off the right track.


What I liked the best during my stay at Ferra Hotel Boracay is that everyone had been very welcoming and professional. I could see in their faces that they put their hearts on their job. I honestly was expecting a dull and unsatisfactory service because of the imminent closure but everyone was in high spirits and they kept the guests entertained with happy faces. Instead of thinking about how they’re going to have to deal with the island closure, they said that they are looking forward to a better and cleaner Boracay. How I wish I could go back the as soon as the island reopens again!



Ferra Hotel Boracay

Sitio Bulabog, Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines

(+63) 36-2881177 to 79




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