Ferra Hotel Boracay is Where Loft Dreams are Made Of

July had been a busy month for me. It is my birthday month after all. I ended my trip in Australia with a plane ride from Sydney to Melbourne one day, then Melbourne to Manila the next day. I only stayed in Manila for a night and then I had to take another local flight the next day. For some reason, I have no issues with jet lag even with long haul direct flights, but I felt like I needed a break from traveling. Like that makes sense? So, I needed the last league of my trip to help me relax and warm up for the reality I was going back to- work. Hence, I stayed in Boracay for a couple of nights.

Boracay is a little Island in Visayas popular among Filipinos and Foreign Tourists. I would have to agree about a friend's tweet about seeing more Korean guests than Filipinos in this place. But hey, even with being a bit crowded by a lot of foreign nationals, I can still say- after almost a month of traveling outside the Philippines- that nothing truly is better than being home.

My friend and I stayed in Ferra Hotel Boracay- a boutique hotel in Barangay Bulabog for two nights. To be honest, I was not exactly enticed with the location when I learned where it was situated. But knowing me, I am so bad at directions, so I was shocked when I learned how central its location is in Boracay. Ferra Hotel is just around 3 minutes- walk from Bulabog Beach where the water activities usually start and about five minutes from D’Mall which is the gateway to the famous White Beach. I judged Ferra's location, sure, but it felt good not to be right about my assumptions this time.

When we entered the hotel, I was immediately impressed with its high ceiling. It is not as grand as the Emirates Palace of course, but it felt homey and relaxing. Just what I needed! The staff welcomed us with the world’s famous Filipino Hospitality.

Honestly, I was hoping for a loft room. So when one of the staff opened the door, it felt like opening a birthday gift. Lo and behold, my friend and I got the loft room! Just as expected it was so cool!

I was focusing on the idea of having a loft hotel room, but it was only a bit later when I realized how almost complete the guest room was. There was a kitchenette. There were even a huge refrigerator and a microwave! I guess this works best for barkadas or a family who would opt for takeaways from the restaurant so they can enjoy their rooms and much-needed rest.

I was honestly delighted with the microwave, but in the end, I only got to use it once when I reheated a snack because of The Ruf. The hotel’s in- house resto-bar, turned out to be a great place to dine at in the island.

Ferra Hotel may not have a balcony, but we could easily use the rack for wet clothes on the broad side of the living area. There was a huge sofa, a dining table in the middle of the room and wide television under the stairs.

What caught my attention the most, though, is the desk that also served as a part of the stairs leading to the loft itself. I am really in love with the concept. It is space saving, neat and smart! Most importantly, I think it adds to the character of the room- not to mention the floor to ceiling window! It is perfect to get natural light—at least we still got it even with the nasty weather during our time there.

I love the Ferra Hotel because unlike other hotel rooms, they have a high ceiling which is inevitable because it is a loft style room. Waking up in my comfy bed and seeing the staircase just a few steps from the foot of my bed made me feel like a kid playing bahay-bahayan.

The loft has a huge bed, a bamboo alarm clock and of course, another set of TV. The bed was so big for the two of us we never even touched when we slept side by side. Of course, the view from above makes all my loft dreams come true. This is it. Living the dream! And let us admit- it is not every day you get to spend a day in a hotel with a loft room, is it? It is such a fresh concept that I am sure is going to amaze a lot of guests.

I may be gushing too much about the room, but it is not the only thing that I have noticed about Ferra Hotel. Everyone was amiable! The staff would always smile and give way whether we see them in hallways or inside the elevator. It felt like home, and I just could not be happier. It felt good that after more than two weeks of barely seeing a Filipino, I was home. Sometimes, it felt like I was being spoiled too much so I would not want to leave!

When we checked in on our first day, we were given complimentary stubs for the cocktails and mocktails on The Ruf. It was also Ladies Night, and of course, we had to take advantage of it. Finally, The killjoy in me gave in and tasted a ladies drink at The Ruf.

Breakfast was also something that I looked forward to during my stay. As I have said, it is a boutique hotel. But it did not mean that their breakfast was dull. In fact, they had an excellent selection of rice, viand, noodles, fruits, salad, pancakes, and waffles! Even congee! They would ask each guest what kind of eggs they wanted before cooking so it that it would be according to our liking. They would prepare pancakes as needed, so it was still hot when we got it. They were attentive to the arriving guests and even to those who were still having their breakfast. They would even ask if we wanted coffee or tea then they would serve it on our table while we were getting food on the buffet. For a boutique hotel, I can say that they are not short on man power and the staff was working hard to give the best service to the guests- with all smiles!

Tiffany, Ferra Hotel’s Marketing manager, was once of the nicest ladies I have met in the staff like Gelyn and Steff. I was surprised when I learned that she knew how to speak Mandarin—which is a significant edge because a lot of Chinese tourists were staying there. She was incredibly reliable. When I messaged her about getting an in- room massage for the night, she arranged it right away!

The staff were interested in our plans for the day and were very kind on helping us about how to execute our plans during our stay. On the day before check out, they even inquired about how we were planning to leave the island so that they could assist us. I thought it was sweet!

No wonder that they are almost always full even during off peak season! I think Ferra is one of the top hotels in Boracay because they excel in everything- the killer guest rooms, the hospitable staff, and the fantastic location. Not to mention The Ruf Restobar- which I talked about in another blog post.

I am so glad that I brought my friend in Ferra because not only did we have a hassle- free access to the activities that we wanted to do, we enjoyed our stay because of the people and the hotel's facilities. I would not be surprised if she tells her other friends to book in the same place when they visit Boracay soon. After all, our whole experience had been so much fun!



Ferra Hotel Boracay

Sitio Bulabog, Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines



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