Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels Level Up the Shared Accommodation Game in Singapore


I still remember the time when I used to remove hostels or any shared accommodation on booking site filters every time I travel. But those days are long gone. When I go on trips alone, I now often look for shared accommodation not just to save money but also to socialize with co-travelers. So, when I visited Singapore and got the chance to work with Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels in Chinatown and Kampong Glam, I grabbed my opportunity! What’s even better than that is that I got to introduce this way of traveling with my friend from the United States, too!

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels Singapore

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels are branches of shared accommodation in Singapore redefining hostels. During my stay this August, there were two operating branches: one in Chinatown and one in Kampong Glam. They will be opening their third location in Chinatown soon, too. I was lucky that I got to stay in both Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels branches. during my two-night Singapore layover.

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels’ Accommodation Style

One of the reasons why staying in hostels wasn’t my option before was because of the bunk beds. I didn’t like the idea of sleeping when strangers could see me. What if I was drooling? What if my mouth was open? Let’s be real. We’re not all sleeping beauties. And I just can't control anything when I'm asleep.

Being exposed like that wasn’t very exciting to me. But when I found out about capsule style accommodations, I started considering staying in places where I have to share with strangers. Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels’ private spaces are very similar to the Oxygen Capsule Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan where I had my first hostel experience. The wood and lighting were almost identical. They even have the same feeling once you are inside your cube.

In Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel Chinatown, I stayed in the upper bunk. It’s a side entrance cube which is great. I remembered staying in a front entrance capsule before, and it wasn’t enjoyable for me. The cubes here are well ventilated, and we have our socket and even USB charging ports.

There’s also a mirror and of course, a tray, cabinet/vault, and hanger. Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels provide their guests with toiletries, a bottle of water and towels. You can even request these from the reception in case you arrive earlier than check-in time.

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels Rates and Differences

It felt like staying in a hotel except for the fact that you’re paying a minimal fee for a smaller private space. Chinatown rates are slightly cheaper than the bed spaces in Kampong Glam for a few Singaporean Dollars. Overall, though, it seems to me that location, interior design, and in-house bar (in Chinatown) are the only differences between the two branches.

The only thing that I dislike in my area was the ladder. It’s flat steel where I almost slipped. It complements the design of the dark room and is similar to capsule style bunk beds. But I think that it would have been better if the ladders are slip-free so guests can avoid accidents.

Kampong Glam’s capsules are the same as Chinatown’s except for the absence of dark paint. We also got slippers this time from our cube. And I was so lucky because I finally got the bottom bunk which even had more space even though it was a front entrance! I didn’t have to put my backpack and a paper bag full of Irvin’s inside my locker!

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels as Luxury Shared Accommodation Providers

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel branches looked as if they’re luxury hostels or at least poshtels for me. For one, although we are sharing the room with strangers, our bathrooms are separate rooms instead of cubicles. That’s highly appreciated when you’re sharing a place with random travelers.

I also liked Chinatown’s bar (although I don’t drink) and the board games available in the lounge. There are also shoe lockers right outside the dorm rooms, so the carpeted floors are free from random shoe dirt from the outside.

Breakfast was almost the same for both branches. They have cereal, juices, bread, jams, and kaya. There’s even noodles and fruits. It may be far from a hotel’s buffet breakfast. But it was enough for us not to miss every morning.

When traveling, I don’t need that much from my accommodation aside from a safe bathroom and comfortable bed. Cleanliness is also a top concern which Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels were able to provide. It’s only now, though, that I realized the importance of an elevator when I travel.

Both Cube branches do not have an elevator. So, while they have enough space for your luggage at the bottom of your bed, it might be hard to bring them up. I was lucky, though, because one of their humble employees Kuya Joe brought it up for me.

Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels Staff

Another thing that I noticed in Cube was that everyone who works in both branches had bright smiles on their faces. They were very accommodating, and they would surely answer your questions and make recommendations.

I loved the Turkish restaurant Kuya Joe recommended for us. His favorite Salted Egg Chicken from Newton Hawker Centre tasted great, too! On our last day, one of them even asked us to join them for lunch. Too bad that we’ve already had ours because the Malaysian dish honestly looked great from my end.

Cube's Kampong Glam branch is also home to the Singapore Visitor Centre! So, it’s a convenient place to base your Singapore adventure. I have been to Singapore twice already, but I loved how comfortable traveling by bus was this time. If you’re staying in Chinatown, both the bus and train stations are mere minutes away. But if you decide to base in Kampong Glam, taking the bus would be the best thing for you.

Guest's Point of View

My friend, Carlos, who is from the United States also enjoyed his stay in both branches. We must admit, though, that people who were quite inconsiderate with the noise they make during wee hours were such nuisance. It’s not something that I associate with the company but the etiquette of the hostel goers already. We just laughed it off when he told me that he heard it loud and clear when someone from the other cube farted!

Nevertheless, I think Carlos was pleased because I asked for his opinion and this is what he said: 

“I was very surprised with my stay at the Cube. I had never stayed in a place like this, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I found the whole place to be clean, the bed was cozy, the location was great, and the staff was superb! It was an overall good experience, and I look forward to staying there again when I come back to Singapore!”

Overall Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels Experience

I wouldn't be shocked if Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels will accumulate more and more patrons in the future. A few days before we flew to Singapore, I even learned from one of my close friends that she was also staying in Cube Chinatown! I didn't influence her decision at all. But this goes to show how attractive it is to reside in Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels that she booked a space there for almost a week.

This Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels review is a few months too late as my friends and I stayed here in August. But I can still remember the warm smiles of the staff. I guess it’s one of the things that highlighted Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels as part of my short Singapore trip. There are a lot of Filipinos working in the country including Cube. It’s cool that we're still feeling the Filipino hospitality even outside the Philippines.

Coming back to Singapore

That said, I am looking forward to staying here again when I go back to Singapore. More than all the activities, I look forward to eating the chicken moussaka a few steps away from Cube Kampong Glam branch, and the Harry Potter inspired café. Now, please don’t judge me if I become like my friend who’s always in Singapore, alright? I think I found my second home there.



Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels

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