Have a Vacation like Royal at Cambana d’Angkor Suites


I am not a luxury traveler. As long as I have a bug free bed to sleep on and a clean bathroom to shower at, I am good. I remember admiring the flawless ensuite bathroom of WOW Youth Hostel in Taiwan because it exceeded my expectations. I am not picky, but I am not going to decline if you ask me to stay in one of the best Suites in Cambodia, alright? I got the chance to experience the first-class service of this small luxury hotel, and I am going to share with you how it went.

The Cambana

Late check-in is not something The Cambana deserves. It is not something that you deserve in the first place. This hotel houses nine fantastic rooms that guests can indulge in for 22 hours, and you want to take advantage of every single second in this hotel because everything about it is breathtaking.

The massive doors look humble in the evening. But the elephant door handles stand out during the day as if the hotel is making its own statement to be recognized.

From the entrance, the quaint reception area will be on your right. But honestly, the pool will probably get your attention first. And so will the beds. By the pool. You read that right. Guests can have a massage by the pool. (Or maybe in your room if you want?) Of course, there are divisions, so you won't have to worry about privacy when you have your session.

The reception is simple, but the star is the welcome drinks. The tasty lime juice was just right to quench our thirst after haggling with the ladies of the Night Market.

The Room

The first door of room 201 leads to the balcony overlooking the pool. It is nice that I can easily see the view of the hotel from this space. From the balcony, you can see the pool and have a glimpse of the temple as well. There is a coffee table where you can just read a book or have coffee or tea. They will not mind if you have some wine because choices are available in the room as well.

I also love the fact that they have a complimentary fruit basket for the guests. Can't get enough of fruits in the country!

We got the chance to stay in the presidential suite with private balcony. It was so unique among all the other hotels I have stayed in so far. Although it could easily pass as a suite for honeymooners, I enjoyed my stay here.

The gravel and walkway from the bath tub lead to the rest of the wash area and bathroom. The fresh flowers laid on the bathtub are so inviting. Of course, I did not miss my chance on trying it. The bedroom is beautiful, and they have everything you need for a great vacation. My favorite thing is the old telephone because it still works! Cool!

The Restaurant

I woke up early in the morning to have breakfast while others were either still sound asleep or enjoying the bathtub, I, however, have been munching on the croissant and jam they served with hot chocolate.

The selection for their breakfast was extensive. I was too tempted to try everything, but my craving for carbs got the better of me, so I ordered American breakfast instead. It did not disappoint. Even the beans (and I don't usually eat beans, alright) were delicious! Up to now, I think that if only I stayed two more nights, maybe I could have explored more on their menu. Cambana may not have a buffet breakfast, but they are generous on their servings and even drinks You can have both hot and cold drinks for free during breakfast.

Also, they serve a huge platter of fruits per guest. How could I even finish that? Sorry, baby Jesus.




I had the privilege to stay in his lovely hotel for one night, and I can only wish to have stayed longer. The interiors are alluring. The members of the staff are polite and hospitable.  It was a great experience in general. Honeymooners or not, Cambana d'Angkor Suites is the best option if you want a perfect vacation or staycation in Siem Reap.



Cambana d'Angkor Suites

National Rd 6 Svay Dangkum commune, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia


reservation@cambana-suite.com / cambanaresidence@gmail.com

(855)17 443 359 | (855)70 440 887




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