Solo Birthday Celebration with an Afternoon Tea at The Okura Prestige Bangkok


In the last quarter of 2017, I ended up canceling all the flights that I have booked until the end of the year. A lot of things happened, and I did not have the energy to even go on a vacation. But this year, I started making time to go on trips again. And I didn’t waste the opportunity to travel on my birthday month. It’s a tradition that I began in 2016 —one year after I suffered from a stroke a day after my birthday. For this year, I booked a flight to Bangkok and decided to stay there and celebrate my birthday week alone.

If in the previous years, I only traveled after my exact birthday — it’s different this time. I semi-planned this July trip, and my goal was to have a laidback week. That’s why one of the things that I didn’t miss out on doing during my solo birthday celebration was to have an afternoon tea at The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Solo birthday celebration

Well truth be told, I did get questioned a lot about traveling alone already. So, traveling alone on the day of my birthday was even a bigger issue! When asked, I couldn’t give a decent answer except — why the hell not? It’s my birthday after all. Technically, I’m pretty entitled to do as I please at least for a day. And if I want to fly miles away from home, family, and friends, I might as well do it. Well, I don’t know. It looks exciting and relaxing at the same time. And I guess it’s fun to celebrate your birthday doing something new. I think traveling to a foreign country alone on my birthday week was one of the greatest things I’ve done in my life. And I owe myself a pat on the back for that because it had been a fantastic experience.

Afternoon tea set for two at The Okura Prestige Bangkok

When I went in and asked for my seat at Up and Above Restaurant, the ladies wondered if I was alone or waiting for someone to arrive and have the tea with me. But lucky me, since I ordered a set for two — not only I was allowed to eat the same snack from the set twice, I also got to have tea and hot chocolate. All mine! I stayed there for two hours with a newly purchased book after all. I needed all the reinforcements that I could get.

Flying to Bangkok to get tea and do some boring stuff for a birthday week

Well, first of all, getting tea is not dull, especially when you have a good book with you. And I did fly to Bangkok semi-prepared with pre-booked activities like the Thai cooking class and Ayutthaya day tour, so it’s not dull. And lastly, the snacks were excellent! I would have taken them all down if I didn’t have much problem dealing with my new braces.

Who needs birthday cakes if I get an afternoon tea set all to myself? The stars of the lavender set for me were the chocolates and macarons. The sandwiches were also enough for my craving for something savory. And have I mentioned its cute box and picturesque plating? Very Instagram worthy, right? It’s no wonder that a lot of people ordered the same thing except that they had someone with them to share the filling set.

Dining out alone

When I travel solo, I find myself not eating as much as I would when I’m with my friends or family. Maybe it’s because I’d rather see more places than sit down and eat decent meals three times a day. Or maybe, it’s because I find eating out along a little depressing. Usually, I’d only get a snack at a local convenience store and eat it while walking or inside my hotel room. But on this trip, I realized that it’s possible to enjoy the food whether you’re sharing the table with a companion or not. This tea experience even made me realize that more than savoring the food, you can also take delight in solitude. Appreciate life as it is and don’t depend your chance of happiness on anyone’s presence. During this trip, I learned to appreciate my own company. And I think that it’s such a beautiful thing.




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