How to Maximize Every Space in Your Carry-on Bag


Like my brother, I have always been an over packer. For a two- night stay, our bags would be full of clothes; and half of them will remain unworn until we get back home. But as I grew older and started traveling more often, I have realized the value of only taking the essentials during my trips not just to save weight (I usually travel light) but also to make unpacking a little less bothersome. But I also know that it is essential to bring a few more changes of clothes or probably a small towel even if I am staying in a hotel just in case emergencies happen. So, I decided to carefully choose what to bring during my travels without sacrificing the important ones. But is it possible to go on a week of vacation with just one piece of hand-carried luggage? I would yes in a heartbeat because I believe that I have found the two foolproof ways to maximize every single space in my travel bag.       

Roll. Do not fold.

When I learned that it is better to roll your clothes instead of merely folding them and stacking them in your bag or luggage, my life changed. Seriously! I used just to file my clothes the way they look in my closet, but when I tried rolling my shirts and bottoms, I suddenly have more space for my other valuables. Of course, I do not roll my denim clothes and sweatshirts anymore since that will just take more space in my bag.  But I think this trick is the reason why I was able to travel to Malaysia and Taiwan for nine days each and recently to Bali for seven days with only just a single backpack.            

Use Packing Cubes

Now, aside from the life-changing magic called rolling your clothes instead of just stuffing your bags with folded clothes, I have recently tried using packing cubes of Paccube to organize not only my clothes but toiletries and other essentials as well. There was no loose item in my travel bag this time because I was able to put every single piece I brought in a cube. Personally, I think that this is the ultimate packing solution available in the market and I can confirm that it has a lot of benefits, especially for light travelers.      

Packing Cubes for Organization

Paccube’s travel set comes in three different sizes so you can have all your bottoms in one cube, your undies in another and your toiletries and other smaller items in their smallest cube. They do have recommendations for each size, but it is up to you how you are going to   utilize each cube size. For my Bali Trip, I put all my swimsuits and dresses in the largest Paccube, my underwear in the medium-sized Paccube, and my sun protection set and lotion in the smallest one. I brought my adult shoe bag during this trip as well, but after realizing that it was a little big for all of my footwear, I used it to store my towels and scarves instead.   

Packing Cubes for Segregation

Another travel tip that I have practiced during this trip is taking my clothes out of my bag while we were staying in our hotel just like I would at home. We changed hotels three times, and every first night of each stay, I would get all the clothes that I would be using from day one to check out. This way, I would not have to fix my travel bag every night or morning before we leave for our tour. (I do not like it when my stuff all over the hotel room when I am out).  And so, as I accumulated used clothes while the end of the trip neared, I was able to take advantage of Paccube’s available sizes to separate my fresh clothes from my used clothes.        

Packing Cubes for Space Saving

The ultimate reason why I fell in love with Paccube is that I was able to stuff up every cube with the littlest thing possible. Since it is basically a bag that I put inside my travel bag, I was able not just to organize but sneak in irregularly shaped items that I would not want to just put at the free space at the top of my bag. The size also fits my Cabin Zero Bag perfectly, so even my bag space was maximized! I also love that fact that even as I leave Bali to go home, my bag still looked so neat that once you open it, it was like I was just about to start my trip.      

The only problem that I am going to have to deal with using these fantastic packing cubes, I guess, would be possible over baggage. Since it allowed me to make use of every inch of my bag, I can put a lot more thing s than I usually would without using cubes. And when I have more space, I can bring much more clothes or even books! And although that is every traveler’s dream, the airlines would not love it, especially if I did not buy a checked- in baggage allowance. You know what I mean?        

Packing Cubes for Easy Access

Speaking of checked- in luggage, Paccube’s packing cubes would be the perfect travel solution for when you have underestimated the weight of your luggage. So, having your stuff packed in these little cubes would make repacking and handling easier when you have to reduce your check-in baggage by a few kilos at the airport. That was my game plan, to be honest; to ask my friend (who does not like taking advantage of her carry- on bag allowance that much) to bring the biggest cube I have if I got busted for having more than 7 kilos   of hand- carry item!  I have to make ways to save money while traveling, fellas. Sue me!      

I must admit that there are a lot more benefits of using Paccube’s travel set aside from what I have mentioned. I find it so worth it primarily because it     is a local product and I have tried and tested its durability (those zippers are the bomb, by the way!). I do not see myself traveling without this set anytime soon because I like how it makes me feel so organized and responsible. Neatly rolled clothes in small packing cubes; a travel bag with smaller cute pouches inside when you open it. You see, if you have started from being a horrible packer like me, you will understand the joy of being an organized one! Now, time to go to get myself more Paccubes because I cannot stand the fact that there are two small organizers in my bag which are not black!         

How about you? How do you maximize space in your carry-on bag? Would you like to have your own set of packing cubes? You can visit or their to check out all their products. 



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