Having My Own Cabin Zero


Over a year ago, I was set to go out of the country for my first official solo travel. Everything was ready. Then the rain started to pour, and I immediately worried about The Great Manila Traffic. For some reason, the number of cars and commuters grow when it starts to rain. So, deciding that I needed to leave the house early, I grabbed my backpack. But I felt something broke, and my fear turned into reality when I confirmed that my bag gave up on me four hours before my flight. The lower strap holding the bottom buckle was cut out from the bag!

I swore.

I was traveling light and did not have any other decent bag to use for my 9-day trip to Taiwan. I knew it was a laptop bag but it was big enough, and I survived a weeklong trip to Malaysia with it without any hassle at all. It was such a shame that I had to borrow my sister’s friend’s bag (someone I did not even know until then) out of desperation just to get through my trip.

Since then, I started (and struggled in) trying to find a bag that would be convenient for me to use when I go backpacking. I am a fan of big bags, especially since I usually travel to places for a little more than a week to maximize transportation fares. So, when I stumbled upon Cabin Zero online, I never thought of letting it go.

The Look

I fell in love with Cabin Zero the moment I saw it on the internet because of its simplicity. While there are items with designs like flag patches (which is very apt to what I do that I still consider getting it), having a simple looking bag is much more like me. But mind you; there are a lot of colors to choose from their collection. I got a hot pink, so while I kept the design simple- the color makes it stand out.

The Size, Shape, and Capacity

True to its name, the bag is cabin sized and is perfect as carry-on luggage. It is rectangular, so fitting cabin cubes or any other smaller bags for toiletries and whatnots would not be an issue. I get to maximize every space in my bag, so I am pretty happy with it. The bag itself is not heavy at all. The 44 L bag is lightweight at about 700 grams so I can easily fit more than a week's worth of clothes in one hand carry. I bet I can even fit more, but airline weight restrictions would be the problem. But it is nice to know that while it is great as a weekend bag, I can also use it for longer trips.

When I got back from Australia, I did not have much time to pack smart for my four days and three nights trip to Boracay, so I was lucky to have this bag big enough for the clothes that I did not have the time even to roll properly. I stuffed it with my books, chocolates, and clothes and I did not have to be bothered with having to have a second bag at all.

The Feature

The thing about my Cabin Zero bag is that it is not just a bag. It has a global luggage tracker that I have registered with Okoban. So, while I do not intend to lose my bag in the future, if I unfortunately do, there will be a huge chance for it to be transported to my location because the finder can contact me.


Cabin Zero went to the next level by upgrading their 10- year warranty to 25 years when you like them on Facebook.  Easy enough?  Yeah, thought so, too.


I am so excited to bring this bag again on my future adventures. I think it is built for digital nomads because there is a slot in the bag that can fit in a laptop. I am so content with being able to effortlessly pack all my travel clothes and swimwear without any trouble last time. I am sure my upcoming trips will not only be stylish but hassle- free as well!





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