Her Brave Soul stems from of a mother and daughter’s dream of sharing their stories with the world. Stella Marie Encina aspires to be as fearless as her mother, Estela. This journal is the first step she has decided to take to finally master something that she has always been profoundly passionate about- writing.

No, she is not yet ready. But she will start now rather than later; before becoming ripe for it. Because she does not want to keep spending her entire life only daydreaming. She does not want to get stuck and wondering what could have happened if she had taken a leap of faith sooner.

Her sense of direction may not be the best, but she will travel the world starting from the Philippines- her home country. Her photos may not follow the rule of thirds, but she will post them and share herself. Her writing may make you cringe, but she will write to her heart's content. All for the reason that whatever she does in her life, she knows her mother will support her all the way.